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Bucket Truck Escort Services

Bucket Truck Escorts

Kenco Bucket Trucks is an expert in over-height and over-dimensional bucket truck escorts. We have over 30 years of experience in planning routes and handling obstructions, both aerial and road-side, so that your over-height, over-dimensional and over-size cargo moves quickly and safely to its destination.

Kenco's bucket truck escort crews are highly trained, certified operators and are qualified to anticipate and handle any issues that might arise during transport. Our expertise in high load escorts ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and "snag free".

  • Kenco's fleet of specialized bucket trucks is fully equipped to handle the challenges required when transporting over-size cargo. Our crew is capable of handling traffic control signals, wires and cables, road signs, managing traffic control and escorting night transports safely with lights and reflectors.
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Our Bucket Trucks In Action

From helping prepare route surveys and planning routes to lifting traffic lights and aerial cables, our highly-trained, experienced bucket truck escort crews are dedicated to making sure that your cargo is transported safely.

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Safety & Certification

bucket truck escort services Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

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