Ahead of the Curve.

Kenco’s very own Randy Starnes presented at SC&RA this year, offering his perspective on how to coordinate the best OS/OW move team. The attendees were asked to answer questions before learning how field personnel answered.  This helped the group identify and understand challenges the field team faces and ways to overcome them, resulting in successful oversize or overweight transports.

Want to Coordinate YOUR Best OS/OW Move Team?

Complete Randy’s exercise with your field and office personnel to acknowledge the unique challenges both groups face when coordinating an OS/OW transport.
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  1. Review the seven field personnel questions and the nine office personnel related questions to benchmark your responses are.
  2. Ask field personnel and office personnel their specific questions (complete separately).
  3. Identify the differences in responses to determine the perceived and actual challenges each group faces.
  4. Make conclusions on how the OS/OW move team can work more effectively on future transports.

Field Personnel Video

Contact Randy Starnes to receive a copy of the video to help facilitate a discussion with your field personnel.

Randy Starnes

Randy Starnes

Randy Starnes is currently the Business Development Executive at Kenco Bucket Trucks. He focuses on nurturing business relationships, helping develop Kenco’s current offerings, and championing their planned expansion into new markets and services. Starnes’ sales and business development experience spans more than 30 years, including 15 years in the transportation and logistics industry, and six years in drilling and upstream activities for the lower 48 states.