Our Bucket Truck Escort Promise for Wide Loads.

Kenco Bucket Trucks, based in the heart of the petroleum, chemical and refining epicenter, Houston, Texas, knows you have choices when it comes to bucket truck escort services for your oversize load transports. Our industry-leading services, fully-equipped bucket truck fleet and certified utility truck operators will make your job easier and help save you time and money, increasing the success of your project. Combining experience and passion, our team ensures your HIGH LOADS have OPEN ROADS.

Our Promise to You


Safe Operations

Kenco clears aerial and roadside obstacles with the highest safety standards in the industry. When the Kenco team escorts your oversize load, you can rest assured it will pass through communities along the route safely and efficiently and will arrive undamaged.



Kenco has a reputation of 100% on-time, every time. Because our team works safely and efficiently, your transport keeps rolling to its final destination, snag free.


Well-Maintained Fleet & Equipment

Our late model fleet is maintained regularly and dielectrically tested annually to ensure top performance, our reliable fleet and support equipment allow our team to adhere to your strict project schedule.



Between our proprietary library of industry-specific training videos and participation in local, state and national training programs, the Kenco team is highly qualified to safely and professionally escort your cargo.



Providing services exclusively to oversize carriers, Kenco’s sole mission is to successfully transport oversize cargo throughout the lower 48 of the United States. We are capable of coordinating with local authorities, state DOTs, district permit officers, cable, phone and power companies and any other utilities.



Kenco’s goal is your goal. Our experienced, trained and professional crew tirelessly assist transports and clear obstacles in all types of conditions, day or night, rain or shine.