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For Logistics Consulting, Kenco is Your Bucket Truck Company

Kenco isn’t just your bucket truck company, we’re a part of your team while your high and oversize load is out on the road. With more than 21 years of experience in the industry, we understand every step necessary to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely.

When oversized, expensive cargo is traveling, every detail matters. Our crews can review and prep routes before the transport even begins, freeing our crew to focus on escorting your cargo safely and efficiently. WHEN EXPERIENCE MATTERS®, Kenco’s your expert adviser.

Route Consulting

Having a thorough understanding of the permitted route is essential for minimizing transport risks. As you know, each state and municipality has restrictions in place determining where and when oversize loads can travel. Kenco has extensive knowledge and experience with the available routes in the lower 48 states. We’ll advise you on the best way to navigate low wires and roadside obstacles to ensure the safest and most efficient transport.

When you’re out on the road, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in front of a bridge or other obstruction that’s impassible for your cargo. With decades of experience traveling the routes, Kenco helps identify these potential snags before the transport begins.

Utility Coordination

In order to keep all relevant parties on the same page, Kenco coordinates with local authorities, state DOTs, district permit officers and cable, phone and power companies. We update authorities and utilities when issues arise and work with them to avoid disruptions to the community. To keep the transport team synchronized, we maintain communication with all team members and all other stakeholders throughout the project.

Pre-Route Prep

To reduce transport times and minimize the risks of snags, our high load escort crews run through the route beforehand. Our guys loosen traffic wires and other obstacles to reduce stop times. The less time your load spends on the road, the less risk of damage to your cargo.

We understand that nothing is more valuable to our clients than their time and cargo’s safety. That safety depends on how both the large and small details are handled. With more than 37,955 man hours worked without safety incidents in 2017 alone, our crews have demonstrated their expertise, efficiency and precision. When you need bucket truck support services for a high or oversize load, choose Kenco.