Testimonials from Oversize Load Utility Truck Projects.

Being able to offer oversize load utility truck services to help our clients safely and efficiently transport their oversize and overheight loads is important to Kenco. Read the testimonials below about our efficient bucket truck escorting services from satisfied clients.


Read What Our Clients Have to SAY.

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  • Chemical clients   Chemical

    "Kenco is our number one choice for bucket trucks and we talk to Kenny frequently when bidding on over height loads."

    "Transporting delicate equipment is a job we take very seriously in terms of safety, and it’s clear the crew at Kenco feels the same way. With the purple bucket trucks at our side, we know we’ll make it from Point A to Point B without a hitch."

    "Kenco's team is highly skilled, and we were very impressed by their timeliness and sensitivity to our needs. They acted with the utmost professionalism as soon as their purple bucket trucks arrived at our site."

    "We've been working with Kenco for many years, and it’s no surprise that the purple bucket trucks have gained a reputation for being the best in the business."

    "I have to thank the Kenco crew for being able to execute a challenging move at the last minute. In our industry, the purple bucket trucks are known as the go-to guys for any high load."

    "Kenco is the most complete and professional bucket truck company on the road. Their guys are highly skilled, efficient and professional. I would recommend using them without reservation."

    "Kenco's equipment functioned appropriately and looked nice. Overall, they did a great job and I'm very pleased with the work they did. I would absolutely work with them again and I've even recommended them to coworkers."

    "All in all, they're great guys who are part of our team. Kenco takes the extra step. They're always asking what we need to make our lives easier."

    "My crew leader said that he was extremely impressed with how well your guys performed yesterday on the tank movement. I was not surprised though, since I know how well your company does."

    "As usual the purple trucks are the best. Everyone did a great job."

    "I personally want to thank all of you and your teams for a safe transport and delivery to the project site. Please make sure to pass along my compliments to the guys in the field who helped make our first transport a success. Nice job!"

    "The Kenco guys were great. They provided an invaluable service to me as a heavy hauler, knowing that no matter what, I didn't have to worry about them."

  • Construction   Construction

    "We’ve worked with other bucket truck companies in the past, but none of them are the purple bucket trucks. Kenco is always hardworking and efficient, and with them, we’ve never shown up late to a job site."

    "With Kenco, there’s no need to work with multiple utility crews, which really saves us time and effort. Their guys can move anything from those purple bucket trucks — we’ll never use another company."

    "Kenco Bucket Trucks was there for us in a pinch. We needed a haul moved quickly, and their purple bucket trucks made it happen. We’re excited to continue working with them in the future."

    "I would like to thank you very much for your help on our Round Rock haul—your employees are outstanding at what they do. The crew helped us out tremendously during some tough times with our equipment. I am very grateful for their help."

    "Thanks for the truck earlier this week. Everything went great as usual. I appreciate you squeezing in the "little guy". I appreciate the service. Quality as usual. I would rather wait for you, than use your competition. When you have that much exposure on the road, it's worth having professionals."

    "Mike and Victor were a great team and we could not be more pleased with the job they did for us. They went above and beyond getting us through all the obstacles we encountered!"

    "I may have some other utilities and other crews out there to support me, but those guys are an unknown. With Kenco, they touch everything and do everything, and help me out no matter what my project needs are. They are a great asset."

    "Your guys did an excellent job. They moved with purpose and made the haul go much more smoothly. If only all bucket truck crews were created equal! I think your guys could run circles around most of the utility crews we had on the haul."

    "We have used Kenco for our bucket truck needs exclusively for the past two years. In every instance Kenco has been prompt, professional and courteous. Kenco has repeatedly demonstrated their efforts to serve our needs and the needs of our customers. Kenco has always come through in making our job successful and on time."

    "I wanted to drop a few lines and express my compliments on a job well done. Our recent job went very smoothly with the help of your crew. Kenco performed with flying colors and went above and beyond the normal scope of work for an escort service. Your crew executed their duties with the utmost professionalism enabling [our team] along with others to complete a safe and timely transport operation. We will definitely call on Kenco in the future."

  • Transportation   Transportation

    "Just wanted to drop a line and a few pictures from the last project. Your team of Kenco men did a fantastic job on this challenging move!!"

    "When you work with a team like Kenco, it’s easy to let them take over the heavy haul process. The guys in the purple bucket trucks really know their stuff, especially when it comes to safety and efficiency."

    "We’ve never had a job that’s too big for Kenco. They assisted us on multiple vessel moves across state lines, and saved us time and the effort it would’ve taken to coordinate with utility services. The purple bucket trucks have never let us down."

    "I’ve been a transport supervisor for more than 20 years, and I’ve never worked with a company like Kenco. When those purple bucket trucks roll up on the first day of a job, I breathe a sigh of relief."

    "Even with a challenging transport ahead of them, Kenco has the solution to every problem. We never ride without the purple bucket trucks on our side."

    "It was clear to everyone in our company that without Kenco, they would have had another day. Our client asked us, 'Where did you guet those guys in the purple bucket trucks?'"

    "It poured down rain for half the day and your guys didn't back down. Everybody noticed who Kenco was."

    "Thank you and your team for a great job last week in Georgia. Your guys were first rate."

    "Simply put, your team ROCKS!"

    "I am calling to let you know, your team perfectly executed our move! Your leader took over the safety meeting and explained to everyone what to expect and how to communicate during the move, as well as reviewed the challenges on the route. It is VERY CLEAR to all of us that your guys know what they are doing. You operators hustled and performed their duties seamlessly. We did not plan to complete this move this quick. I will admit we have been using other firms, but I do not see us ever moving anything without Kenco in the future."

    "I wanted to say thank you to each of you at Kenco; all of which helped me tremendously through my time at Mammoet. The successes I was fortunate to experience had your finger prints all over it. I hope you will have continued success in your future endeavors. Thank you again for your support over the last several years."

    "I don’t even know the words to explain it, but your guys on my job Friday night and Saturday went above and beyond the call of duty. Everything went without smoothly and I haven’t had that happen in a while. Your guys were nothing short of greatness, took charge of the project and were so nice and helpful to every person out on the job. No one had to wait on your guys – they even helped the electric company who kept having problems. I wanted to make sure your crews got recognized and patted on the back."

    "Your guys were so smart, efficient and diligent we literally covered 450 miles in two days!! Your guys were always out in front and we simply slowed down to 30-35 mph and kept going!! Those guys were the BEST I have ever run with.Your guys were so smart, efficient and diligent we literally covered 450 miles in two days!! Your guys were always out in front and we simply slowed down to 30-35 mph and kept going!! Those guys were the BEST I have ever run with."

    "Kenco is very versatile, and they always go above and beyond. They know the routes and how to coordinate with everyone through each state."

    "We’ve worked with Kenco for over eight years. Their team knows our process and our safety standards, and they never let us down."

    "Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

    "Ran with you guys in Ohio on a Barnhart load. Great work. Enjoyed working with the Kenco guys.

    "The staff and crew at Kenco have proven to be very knowledgeable in their craft and have always demonstrated professionalism when on the job. They have been extremely helpful in the planning and execution of some very hazardous and high profile moves with us.

    "This is to commend Kenco Bucket Trucks for outstanding performance on the services provided to our organization. As you know, we transport large items over not only state highways, but city streets, and without your services of lifting telephone and cable/TV wires and streetlights to allow our equipment to pass safely, we could not perform our services efficiently and safely.

    "I want to thank you and your team on providing support to our project here in North Carolina. Without the professionalism of Kenco, I don't think the project would have been such a success as it has.

    Even with the slight hiccups Kenco had (on both big hauls, a truck had some mechanical issues that put it out of service) you guys consolidated your teams onto the remaining truck and kept the job rolling. The very next morning, the downed truck was ready to work, that's impressive (boy do I know how difficult that can be). I appreciate Kenco's desire to maintain project schedule.

    The entire team was a professional and hardworking crew, yet I do want to give special kudos to Ernest. He was great asset coordinating with superintendent continual to solve problems and keep us moving. I can't tell you the relief I have when you guys can step up to the plate and conduct work that I don’t even think about because I know your guys will take care of it.

    Without a doubt I will be calling Kenco for all of my heavy hauls from this point forward.

    "I am a transport superintendent. I just wanted to let you know what a fine job that your guys did on the load we transported out of Sulphur, Louisiana. We were faced with a few challenges on this load, one being the high pole truck was not prepared for a night move, but your guys never batted an eye; we came up with a plan and it worked out good. I also appreciate the fact that all of the guys in your company work very safely and abide by all the rules and regulations of this business, which I feel is a very important part of the operation. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a good service to us and I hope we can continue in to the future.

    "Mammoet USA, Inc. has been doing business with you and your team since 1996 and during this time we've encountered nothing but professionalism and efficiency. You and your co-workers perform with the highest safety standards and in the last several years, we have not encountered any incidents.

    "This is to commend Kenco Bucket Trucks for the manner in which they assisted us in a 3-vessel move from Houston, Texas to Freeport, Texas. They had the equipment and personnel to handle the job in a very timely manner. They saved us a lot of time on the job and assisted with many aspects of the move.

    "This is to commend Kenco Bucket Trucks for the manner in which they assisted us in a 3-vessel move from Houston, Texas to Freeport, Texas. They had the equipment and personnel to handle the job in a very timely manner. They saved us a lot of time on the job and assisted with many aspects of the move.

  • Municipality   Municipality

    "Kenco is a class act, and they have vast knowledge and experience in transporting heavy hauls. Our officers have worked with Kenco for years, and we highly recommend the purple bucket trucks to anyone who values safety and professionalism."

    "Whatever your heavy haul requires, Kenco is there to help. The purple bucket trucks consistently go above and beyond to make sure every haul goes smoothly and safely."

    "There's no obstacle that can stand in the way of the purple bucket trucks. Kenco’s crews are professional problem-solvers that go out of their way to ensure the success of every transport."

    "Our [HPD] officers have worked with Kenco Bucket Trucks for over 15 years. Our officers routinely recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks to trucking companies transporting oversized loads due to Kenco's high safety standards and superior knowledge of the heavy haul industry. Our officers know that they can depend on Kenco Bucket Trucks in assisting them in escorting oversized loads to their final destination safely. Kenco is by far the best bucket truck escort service in the greater Houston area!"

    "Kenco goes beyond just moving the load; they handle routes, assist in the logistics and conduct safety briefings prior to the actual move. I recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks to customers and any heavy haul company."

    "Our officers have worked with Kenco Bucket Trucks for over 15 years. Our officers routinely recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks to trucking companies, in transporting oversized loads, due to Kenco's high safety standards and superior knowledge of the Heavy Haul Industry."

    "Whatever we need on the road we can count on Kenco to go above and beyond. I trust them to come up with solutions to the obstacles we face in an expedited manner."

    "I've worked with Kenco for years. Awesome service and very professional staff. Any concerns we have ever had, Kenny and his staff have been able to help and get us where we needed to go. You want a top rated professional company that's efficient, safety minded and will take care of your movement at a very competitive price, Kenco Bucket Trucks will make it happen for you."

    "Without reservation, I can say that Kenco Bucket Trucks can be counted on to consistently provide on-time, professional service, qualified safety-minded personnel, and late-model, clean and dependable equipment. Kenco operators and technicians are the best in the business, and their safety record is second to none."

    "We have been doing business with you and your team since 1996 and during this time we’ve encountered nothing but professionalism and efficiency. [Kenco] performs with the highest safety standards and in the last seven years, we have not encountered any incidents. Myself along with our operations manager would recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks for any project that involves bucket truck work."

    "I have worked with the Kenco team for over 14 years and time after time they have proven that safety is priority one. This allows me to concentrate on my job of moving the load. I can trust the Kenco guys know what to do and how to help me make the project move along swiftly and efficiently."

  • Energy   Energy

    "I’ve worked with a lot of contractors in this industry, and Kenco is by far the best. Those purple bucket trucks really know what they’re doing, and it’s great to not have to rely on anyone else for utility work."

    "It’s a challenge to move the equipment we need to move in our industry, and even more so when the weather changes on a moment’s notice. The crews who operate the purple bucket trucks are more than capable of handling any obstacle thrown their way, and we’re glad to call them a part of our team."

    "The coordination and effort that goes into these heavy hauls is enormous, but Kenco’s team handled everything with ease. We keep coming back to the purple bucket trucks when it comes to our transport needs."

    "Lately, we have not had a lot of high loads as we specialize in over-length cargo and have been very busy in that arena, but I can assure you we will be calling Kenco first as soon as the need arises."

    "After calling Kenny, everything was arranged in minutes. It was absolutely phenomenal. It’s a long distance from Houston to North Carolina, but their trucks rolled out early Monday morning to get to our driver quickly."

    "After Kenco showed up, there were zero incidences. If we didn’t have them, there’s a real chance we’d still be sitting out there."

    "Moving that type of equipment (two hundred-pound turbines) along the back roads of the Poconos and Adirondacks was challenging, especially with the hazardous weather conditions. We were glad to have the crew from Kenco on our team."

    "Just want to pass on my thanks and appreciation for the professional manner in which you assisted with getting an extremely important oversize load into my company's refinery in Toledo. The crew worked tirelessly to make sure that the load arrived on time, which was critical to insuring the project was successfully completed. During what was a difficult route to negotiate, the team maintained a positive attitude, and their hardworking efforts reflect positively on KENCO."

    "Your guys did a fantastic job on the first one. They even went above and beyond to fix one of our service drops that was damaged by the phone company!"

    "The project went off safely. We've used Kenco Bucket Trucks in the past, and we chose them for their professionalism. They're one of our preferred contractors for overhead utility work. Edwards tries to utilize them on any and all projects."

    "I've worked with high loads for a number of years, and out of the four or five other high-load escort companies I've dealt with, Kenco is the premier service provider. I always feel a whole lot better when I see those purple trucks.

    Kenny Mungle stays actively involved in the entire process from start to finish, and keeps in excellent contact with the utility companies. I can't say that about other companies.

    For example, one massive project with an energy company involves transporting four very large pieces of equipment about 50 miles. An extraordinary amount of coordination is required among the cable, phone and power company people, and Kenny has been right in the middle of things, trying to make sure everything works out to everyone's satisfaction. Kenny consistently asks, 'What can I do to make things better?''. Kenny makes safety a top priority, and seeing the purple trucks reassures me that I'm working with people who know what they’re doing."

    In January 2017, Kenco Bucket Trucks teamed with Edwards Moving & Rigging to safely transport two massive turbines (each weighing two hundred tons). Kenco's trucks successfully guided the transport and cleared obstacles along a route stretching more than 200 miles.

    "Moving that type of equipment along the back roads of the Poconos and Adirondacks was challenging, especially with the hazardous weather conditions. We were glad to have the crew from Kenco on our team."

  • Aerospace   Aerospace

    "Professional, courteous and most importantly, confidential. The purple bucket trucks stand out not just because of their bright color, but their exceptional services in moving heavy hauls discreetly and quickly."

    "We always call Kenco first. We wouldn’t trust any other company with the equipment we need to move, and the purple bucket trucks come through for us every time."

    "Not every oversize load is created equal, and neither are bucket truck companies. We prefer the purple bucket trucks over anyone else — their mindfulness of safety and their attention to every detail has greatly benefitted our company."

    "Southern Pines Trucking, Inc. would like to thank Kenco Bucket Trucks for their excellent support on a confidential OSOW aerospace shipment. Management was very detail oriented. The crew was very professional. The equipment was clean and in excellent working order. Kenco was on time, discreet, performed admirably and stayed within budget. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Kenco Bucket Trucks."

    "The Kenco team is always our first choice for over height loads. We are always grateful for their service an experience on the job. Also, I need one of those awesome purple shirts! Thank you!"

    "Over the years I have worked with many bucket truck services, and NEVER have I worked with one any where close to the way that your crews worked. I feel that our trip would have been more stressful and less safe without your crews."

    "We couldn't have done it without Kenco. They had a perfect plan and perfect execution, giving me one less thing to worry about."

    "The result was a 100% safe execution. Without Kenco, we wouldn't have gotten to our destination."

    "Previous to using the services of Kenco we would utilize the services of other companies that would "work in" high load bucket truck work with their primary electrical services. Kenco provides services exclusively to high loads. We feel this is very beneficial to our company as we are then working with other solely concerned with transportation interests, not simply filling a void in their job schedule."

Stay In Touch and Get Dressed Up!

Stay In Touch and Get Dressed Up!

We love to hear from our clients about how our employees at Kenco have helped them. If you have a story to tell or a photo to share, either of the team in action or the final destination of your high load, please send it to Myna Mungle at We’ll enter your name in a giveaway for one of our cool purple Kenco t-shirts!