Fleet & Equipment Page - Kenco's fleet of bucket trucks can assist your over-height or over-size cargo.
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Bucket Truck Support Services Fleet for High Loads.

Kenco maintains a large bucket truck support services fleet for high loads of all sizes. Our fully-equipped utility truck escorts are ready for high load, heavy haulage and oversize load projects. You know Kenco’s on the job when you see our customized and easily recognizable purple bucket trucks, equipped with the tools and safety equipment needed to remove and/or replace any aerial or road-side obstruction to safely assist your over-height or over-size cargo. It’s a fact that you have HIGH LOADS, so rely on Kenco’s crew for OPEN ROADS.

Our bucket truck escort crews are well trained to perform the following:

  • Raise or remove and reinstall traffic control signals or street lights
  • Raise or move communication wiring and cabling
  • Remove and reinstall road-side signs or other obstructions
  • Safely assist night transports with extra safety lighting and reflective lettering on all trucks


Over 37,955 man hours worked without safety incidents in 2017.
Maintained fleet and trained operators for transports

Maintained Fleet and Trained Operators for Transports

Kenco’s bucket truck escort fleet is exceptionally maintained and is available for projects 24/7. We maintain our trucks to be fully equipped and prepared for scheduled projects or emergency situations. In addition to the heavy equipment, all our crews are fully trained, certified bucket truck operators with extensive experience. They are qualified to remove and reinstall traffic lights, street lights and other road-side obstructions, to ensure your transport continues safely and “snag free”. Our fleet is ready to handle your specific project requirements.