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Bucket Truck Escorts for Oversize Loads & Heavy Hauls.

Kenco’s efficient bucket truck escorting services for oversize loads and heavy hauls provide aerial assistance to all industries, including refining, petrochemical, oilfield, aerospace, transportation, wind energy, nuclear, construction, sub-sea and energy. Our bucket truck support service can scale for super load transport projects of all sizes, as well as night transports.

As part of our bucket truck escort service, we offer a team of highly-trained, safety conscious and uniquely qualified personnel to escort your cargo in nationwide transports. We have over 40 years of combined experience in successfully moving cargo throughout the country safely and efficiently, so if you’ve got HIGH LOADS, count on Kenco for OPEN ROADS®.



Based on our experience working with industry experts, Kenco Bucket Trucks compiled the KNOW YOUR ROLL™ guide of best practices to be used as a tool to assist and continually educate transport teams. Knowing your role and these recommendations will help every super load transport be safe and successful. You can download a free copy here.



We have the experience and knowledge to help plan and execute the most efficient route for overheight and overwidth cargo. Our team is capable of surveying each route to ensure all aerial or roadside obstructions are lift-able or removable and the planned route can accommodate the cargo. Kenco works with our clients to determine the best route so the transport of your cargo is smooth and "snag-free."

Kenco's large fleet of bucket trucks is available 24/7 and is able to assist in escorting cargo throughout the country. No matter the duration, Kenco bucket trucks will escort your haul safely from its point of origin to its final destination. Whether your project is short or long, easy or complex, across town or traveling through several states, Kenco’s team of experts is at your side.

Our decades of experience and knowledge of routes throughout most of the United States enable us to help plan routes quickly and allow you to transport your cargo safely and efficiently. Night transports? No problem! Kenco’s team is very experienced and well-equipped to handle any types of night transport projects. Each of our modern bucket trucks are equipped with amber strobe lights, spot or work lights, reflective tape and all employees have company-issued reflective clothing.

Our goal is getting you and your cargo safely and promptly to its destination. Our team of trained professionals are qualified to:

  • Disconnect and remove aerial traffic signals
  • Remove and/or raise signal mast arms
  • Reposition signal mast heads for proper clearances
  • Remove pedestrian cross walk signs
  • Remove and replace over highway signage
  • Adjust and lift communication cabling for proper clearances such as:
    • Telephone
    • Cable
    • Fiber
  • Remove and replace any roadside signage such as:
    • Stop signs
    • Yield signs
    • No turn signs
    • Wrong way signs
    • School zone signs
    • Caution signs

Our team often works with local authorities to minimize disruptions to the communities affected by oversized transports. We also coordinate traffic control plans or intersection detour plans as needed.



As members of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), as well as being a Texas State Approved Contractor, Kenco stays current on all safety regulations and requirements and industry trends and updates.

Our certification and training includes

  • Custom bucket truck videos and safety training
  • Bucket Truck Certifications
  • IMSA Work Zone Safety Certification
  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I Certification
  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician II Certification
  • OSHA 10 Hour Training course
  • OSHA 30 Hour Training course
  • HASC Training
  • OnSite/OffSite Hands on Bucket Truck Training
Safety is our top priority

Kenco's bucket truck escort team undergoes rigorous safety training which is above industry standards. Every member of our team is trained on the equipment they use and on the different wires, cables, lights and other road hazards they may come into contact with during any typical transport. Our teams are qualified to remove and reinstall traffic lights and all types of communication wiring, saving you time and the cost of hiring other contractors to do the work.

Kenco is a one stop shop for all of your super load needs. Our fleet of modern bucket trucks is exceptionally maintained and they are well-stocked with the equipment and tools needed to complete your project.

Bucket Truck Escort Pricing


Due to Kenco's turnkey services and expertise in high-load transport, we are able to offer competitive pricing and high value to our customers. Our highly trained crews are qualified to perform jobs that are often contracted out to third parties, minimizing cost and time. Our pre-trip route survey inspections save transport time and eliminate many problems during the trip.