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Route Line Prep with Elite Utility Truck Escorts.

Safety comes first, and that’s why Kenco’s bucket truck escort crews complete route line prep for both day and night transports before your super load even starts moving. Running through the route beforehand reduces transport times, benefiting the team, municipalities and your client’s cargo.

Pre-Route Prep

Safe transportation begins before your cargo departs from its origin point. Our oversize load bucket truck crews prep the route prior to the transport, loosening traffic wires and communication cables and removing bolts. By reducing tension in the lines, our operators can easily lift the slack when it’s time for the oversize load to pass under. Besides reducing stop times, pre-route prep minimizes the chance that any obstacles create unexpected snags and slow the transport.

Route Reconstruction

A safe transport isn’t over when the cargo is delivered. Our bucket truck escort crews go back through the route to secure all aerial lines, replace bolts and reassemble all signs and other traffic installations.

We train our operators to leave the route as good or better than they found it. We’re serious about maintaining our solid reputation with DOTs and local authorities. Our crews are responsible for making sure the route is secure and safe from road hazards.

Professional Crews

Competency and safety are the backbones of our training programs. Every Kenco bucket truck operator holds the industry-required certifications listed on our safety page.

Among them, IMSA certifications prove our operators’ capability to handle traffic wires and signals crucial to line prep. OSHA and HASC training demonstrate their understanding of safety procedures and precautions when operating and clearing roadside hazards.

Our custom on-site and off-site training exceed these industry standards. We understand safe operations are the foundation for flawless nationwide transports.

An experienced crew performs a quality escort, and you won’t find a more experienced or efficient team than our Houston-based bucket truck operators. Decades in the bucket truck escort industry has taught us the essentials for safe transports, including line prep, and given us extensive experience on overwidth and overheight load transport routes in the United States. Remember, if you’ve got HIGH LOADS, count on Kenco for OPEN ROADS®.