Projects Completed by Kenco's Oversize Load Utility Truck Escorts.

Check out Kenco’s oversize load utility truck escorts in action as our crew handles overhead, aerial and roadside obstructions for our super load escort projects. Our experts clear the way, ensuring nothing stands in your cargo’s way. When you have HIGH LOADS, depend on Kenco for OPEN ROADS.

Take a Look at Our Body of Work.

We handle all of your aerial obstacles and roadside hazards that stand in your heavy-haul’s way.


Kenco Gets High Loads Out of Tight Spots.

Kenco Braves Weather to Escort Heavy Load

Kenco Eliminates Obstructions

Bucket Truck Escort for Double Transport

Clearing a Path to Canada.

Bucket Truck Transport Support Services

Bucket Truck Escorts Clearing Obstacles

Cross-Country Superload Escort

Utility Truck Escort

NASA Shuttle Carrier