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High Load Specialists for Bucket Truck Night Transports.

When your high and overwidth loads travel late or overnight, rest assured Kenco’s night transport high load specialists are prepared for the job. Since loads greater than 20’ wide take up multiple lanes, moving large cargo at night is often your most effective option. Our team is experienced in providing efficient bucket truck escorting services that ensure the unique challenges of night transportation are handled smoothly, so that your cargo arrives safely at its destination.

Kenco’s utility truck crews recognize that decreased visibility can increase the risk of safety incidents during night transports. Lights from oncoming and passing traffic, particularly motorcycle lights, can disorient truck drivers, endangering their high load. That’s why Kenco handles the logistics before night transports to minimize disruptions to the routes and communities traveled through. Transportation crews prepare routes beforehand by loosening wires, overhangs and lights to ensure the smoothest trip possible. By ensuring a quick and efficient transport, our crews’ pre-work decreases the risk of safety incidents. We also coordinate with local authorities to ensure that night jobs adhere to all state and municipal requirements.

Kenco also equips our modern bucket trucks and personnel with amber strobe lights, spot or work lights, reflective tape and company-issued reflective clothing to provide the greatest visibility of the oversize and overwidth load escort and safely navigate areas of higher traffic.

To keep our night crews aware and attentive to the challenges of night transportation, Kenco restricts our employees from working the day shifts before or after their night escort. You can be certain that our highly-trained personnel will be well rested and remain alert.

Our teams provide all the same super load escort services for day and night transports. Whether your route requires removing and reinstalling wires, road signs, traffic lights, street lights or other road hazards, Kenco’s bucket truck teams are trained and equipped to clear your way 24/7.