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Bucket Truck Escort Support Service Saving You Time.

Because any oversize and overheight load transport contains a certain degree of risk, you need to depend on bucket truck escort support services to help everything go right. Normal traffic accidents occur daily, and there’s no guarantee the other drivers around you are paying adequate attention. At Kenco, we understand less time on the road reduces those risks by decreasing your cargo’s exposure to potential traffic hazards. Our crews have extensive training and we outfit our fleets with the right tools to reduce the time it takes to handle obstructions, which cut down exposure to traffic hazards.

 Kenco’s Crews are Well Trained Professionals

We train rigorously to reach maximum efficiency and minimize the chance of damage to your costly, and often irreplaceable, cargo. Kenco’s bucket truck operators work through state, governmental and in-house training to become certified and are qualified to operate our modern bucket truck fleet and remove and reinstall all obstacles. That training never ends. Our crews undergo continuous practice, learning the newest tools and handling the latest traffic installations.

Through our training, our crew develops the precision and synergy that allows them to work together as well as with the transportation company’s driver and crew, municipalities, utility companies and police. Our team relies on one another to competently perform their tasks — lifting, disconnecting and relocating any power lines, traffic signals, signs and other roadside obstructions to keep the transport moving. You won’t find a more effective or efficient bucket truck escorting crew.

Kenco’s 21 successful years in the utility and super load escort service industry demonstrate the effectiveness of our training. In 2017 alone, our crews worked 37,955 hours without a safety incident. At Kenco, we train for precision and efficiency, because every minute counts when your irreplaceable cargo sits on the road. An efficient transport is a safe transport.

Kenco Meticulously Maintains an Up-to-Date Fleet

Kenco routinely upgrades our PURPLE BUCKET TRUCKS™ with the latest tools, safety features and predictive maintenance to reduce oversize transport times. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate.

Our modern bucket trucks are custom built to be stable without need for additional support, so our crews can transport your load to its destination in as little time as possible. For example, we have never equipped our bucket truck fleet with time-consuming outriggers, saving you a couple minutes every stop. Those minutes add up over an entire trip, especially if a project takes multiple days.

Our Crews Prepare Your Route Beforehand

Our crews run through the transport route beforehand and loosen lines to reduce stop times, cutting down the time your super load spends on the road.

We’re proud of our history and safety record in the utility industry. Our success comes in part from our emphasis on quick and efficient operations. When you place your trust in Kenco, you entrust your equipment to dependable and proven crews.