Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority

Modern Bucket Truck Escort Safety.

Kenco is committed to modern bucket truck escort safety. Our goal is to provide safe nationwide transport support of your cargo through our efficient bucket truck escorting service. Our excellent safety record is proof that our continuous training programs, predictive maintenance and commitment to safe operations are successful. With 170,000 hours worked without safety incidents, we are dedicated to the safety of our crews and that of the communities along the super load’s route. Safe transport saves time, reduces cost and ensures the cargo arrives at its destination undamaged. If you’re moving a HIGH LOAD, look no further than the safe Kenco crews to provide OPEN ROADS®.

Our bucket truck escort teams are all required to undergo rigorous training to ensure that all cargo transports are completed safely.
We maintain a regular in-house, proprietary training for our crews that includes:

  • Handling aerial wires and communication cables
  • Removing and installing traffic signals and street lights
  • Removing and installing road-side and bridge signs


Note: Our crews are certified to remove and install traffic control devices along with street lights; however, please note, since Kenco’s inception and for the duration of our business’ existence, it has been and will continue to be our standard of practice to not handle high-voltage equipment. Download our high voltage policy or click to read the applicable statutes and codes.

All of Kenco’s crews are certified bucket truck operators, fully trained on the equipment they are assigned, including the bucket trucks, tools and safety apparatuses on the truck. In addition, our modern bucket trucks are equipped with the latest tools and safety features and trucks and tools are dielectrically tested with predictive maintenance performed annually to ensure that the electrical bucket truck systems are operating at top performance.

Oversized load escort certifications & training


Kenco has a proprietary library of custom bucket truck videos and safety training for on-site and off-site hands-on bucket truck training, in addition to the following certification and training programs:

  • OSHA Fall Protection Certification
  • TRF450 Certification
  • Basic Mechanical Aptitude Testing
  • Hand-Tool Knowledge Course
  • IMSA Work Zone Safety Certification
  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I Certification
  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician II Certification
  • OSHA 10 Hour Training course
  • OSHA 30 Hour Training course
  • HASC Training
Note: Our training programs exceed the safety requirements of these organizations