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New Electrical Training Certifications Required for State Project Contractors


Beginning August 2017, all contractors who wish to bid on state projects must apply for TRF450 & TRF453 certifications. These certifications are available to all who inspect, maintain, supervise or install electrical systems design and equipment associated with continuous roadway illumination and traffic signal systems. This electrical training certification is crucial for contractors who wish to be in compliance with the law.

The two courses reference and incorporate the Texas construction standards and the National Electrical Code. Training is overseen by TxDOT, which provides recommended course materials on its website. TRF450 is a pre-requisite to TRF453, and both certifications must be held in order to be granted a bid to work on Texas roadways. Other certificate courses may be required by TxDOT depending on scope of project bid.

The TRF450 course covers the following material:

  • The various components of the electrical system and functionality of each
  • Information contained in the Standard Specifications for Construction of Highways, Streets, and Bridges (600 series only), construction project general notes, and on the TxDOT Roadway Illumination Details (RID), Electrical Details (ED), and Sign Lighting (SL) standard sheets
  • Approved materials for installation
  • Deficiencies in installation of materials
  • Complete electrical installation and inspection from service equipment to roadway illumination poles

The TRF453 course covers the following material:

  • The purpose of applicable articles in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and how they relate to TxDOT projects
  • Applicable articles in the NEC for installation of electrical systems for traffic signals
  • Information contained in the 600 series of the standard specifications, construction project general notes, departmental material specifications (DMS), pre-qualified materials, and on the applicable TxDOT standard detail sheets applicable to electrical and traffic signal installations
  • Requirements of the 600 series of the standard specifications, construction project general notes and TxDOT standard sheets relate to the NEC

Visit TxDOT for registration information and check the Kenco blog soon for more industry updates.