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Bucket Truck Support Services News.

Kenco Bucket Trucks is dedicated to providing reliable bucket truck support services. Bookmark this page and check back for the latest news, from transportation regulation changes to industry safety requirement updates.

Maintaining Oversize Load Project Timelines with Experienced Bucket Truck Operators


As you may know, Kenco has a reputation of 100% on-time oversize transports. Yes, a load can get held up by traffic or inclement weather. But the Kenco team and our utility truck fleet have not caused any holdups. How is that possible? It’s simple. Our team is highly trained, our fleet is regularly maintained…


A Well-Maintained Utility Truck Escort Fleet is Integral to Project Success – Do You Know Why?


As a utility truck escort company, we don’t work nearly 46,000-man hours in one year without a reliable and well-maintained fleet. As our sole mode of transportation and what enables us to clear aerial and roadside obstacles for oversize transports, Kenco’s elite fleet undergoes serious and rigorous testing to ensure top performance. If you attended…


Safe Operations for a Reliable and Efficient Bucket Truck Escort


Safety is our number one priority on a bucket truck escort. To keep our customer promise , we maintain the highest safety standards in the industry. Our purpose is to get your team and cargo safely to its destination. When Kenny, Kenco’s founder, bought his first bucket truck, painted it purple and began building our company, he…


Why You Need Logistics Support from Your Bucket Truck Company


Don’t let the details hinder your high and oversize transport. Choose a bucket truck company that provides crucial logistics support every step of the way as part of their support services. Kenco has been escorting over-dimensional loads for more than 21 years. With that time and experience in the utility industry, we know exactly what…


Kenco Delivers Time-Saving Bucket Truck Support Service


At Kenco, we’re committed to delivering shorter transport times with our bucket truck support services because you don’t want your often-irreplaceable cargo on the road longer than it needs to be. High and oversize transportation carries with it the risk of accidents and damage, and the less time your cargo spends on the road, the…


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