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City rezones 5 acres for Bayway business


By Christopher James

At the request of local business owners Kenneth and Myna Mungle, Baytown City Council has rezoned more than five acres of land on Bayway Drive to allow expansion of their business.

Council approved the rezoning of 5 acres of land, addressed 5901, 5903, 5907 and 5909, on the south side of Bayway Drive at the end of Arbor Street from low density single-family residential to a general commercial zoning district to allow expansion of Kenco Bucket Trucks — a utility truck service provider that assists with project transport companies that transport over-dimensional freight to ports, manufacturers, chemical plants and refineries.

"The applicants are looking to expand their existing business that is doing very well right now at this location," Tiffany Foster, director of planning and development. "They have purchased additional land, they have the support of their neighbors as well to expand the business, and we've been working with them for probably over a year, looking at different options, and we're very excited to move them forward."

As part of expansion, Kenco plans to redevelop and revitalize the land as follows:

  • Fence the entire property with 6-foot opaque fence and install two automotive drive-thru gates and two walk-thru gates.
  • Landscape across the entire front of the property, in front of the new fence and down the north fence line for additional green space buffer for neighbors.
  • Grade, level and apply hard surface materials to make about 1.5 acres of parking area for employees.
  • Rehab the existing concrete house on pilings for new office space for Kenco executives.
  • Rehab the two additional concrete vacant buildings for storage of equipment and tooling.

Kenco first bought property on Bayway Drive in 2013, which is the primary operation facility and soon after acquisition, the City of Baytown adopted a new and current zoning ordinance.

Since 2013, Kenco has made significant upgrades and improvements to the initial property and building.

Neighbors in the area have also expressed their support of Kenco and its operations, as Ruth Bateman, a neighbor who owns property on Bayway, said at Thursday night's meeting, "as neighbors we are all very supportive to see the improvement to that particular property. A lot of the surrounding is commercial that is no longer there, and it is exciting some kind of redevelopment and revamping of that area."

Mayor Stephen DonCarlos was also appreciative to Kenco and the work they do in the city.

"Thank y'all very much," DonCarlos told owners Kenneth and Myna Mungle. "It's very good to see a reuse of this land and obviously you have a great reputation with your neighbors."

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Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!