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Kenco Team Members Pass TRF450 & TRF453 Certifications


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) mandated additional training to ensure safe and proper handling of electrical systems, traffic signal controller cabinets and traffic signal poles. TRF450 and TRF453 certifications are now required for all contractors who wish to bid on state projects, or those who inspect, maintain, supervise or install electrical systems and equipment associated with continuous roadway illumination and traffic signal systems. This special training and certifications are crucial for contractors who wish to be in compliance with the law. Kenco Bucket Trucks has had numerous team members earn the new certifications.

Bucket truck driver, Ernest Kreps is one of the latest to complete the courses and take both exams. Earning a perfect score on the TRF450 exam and a 96 on the TRF453, Kreps is outscoring other participants. In fact, while many individuals need to take the course multiple times to pass, Kreps completed all requirements the first time through both courses.

"I've worked with power companies for over 15 years prior to joining the Kenco team," explained Kreps. "That made the first class pretty simple for me." He went on to say that while the second course was more challenging, his nearly 10 years as a bucket truck operator helped him understand the new information easily, and felt he learned a lot.

"While some of the information correlated to our job as high load specialists, other information did not," said Kreps. "But it's important to learn because you never know what you'll encounter in the field."

Kreps said it was important to take the courses and obtain the TRF450 and TRF453 certifications because it provided him more tools and know-how to do his job to the best of his ability. He explained it's always better to have more knowledge than not enough when it comes to helping clients move their oversized loads across the country.

Many Kenco Bucket Truck Team members have earned both certifications. In doing so, they're able to reliably provide professional, expert-level bucket truck support to over-height transport projects throughout Texas. When you're choosing a bucket truck company, Kenco offers your project professional, highly-trained operators and a proven safety record unequalled in the industry. Call us at 281.459.3100 to discuss your upcoming oversize project, small or large, and let us show you how we can support your transport needs safely, effectively, on-time and on-budget.

Did You Know?

TxDOT TRF450 Certification
This course introduces information about the complete electrical system supplying a roadway illumination project that is installed by a contractor. Participants examine the TxDOT construction standards and the National Electrical Code (NEC) to improve the quality of the installation and/or inspection of the electrical installations that supply roadway illumination.

TxDOT TRF453 Certification
Participants examine TxDOT construction project plans, TxDOT's construction standards and specifications, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and approved procedures for traffic signals and electrical installation of those signals. Introducing information about the complete electrical system supplying a traffic controller cabinet and traffic signal poles, the certification develops knowledge of those installing, supervising or inspecting electrical installations.

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Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!