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Transportation of oversize cargo, especially over-height cargo, requires a team of dedicated professionals committed to anticipating the inherent risks, and taking all steps necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the public, the team and the customer’s cargo.

Transportation company personnel must work and communicate carefully with their ancillary support, including civilian escorts, police escorts, utility companies and especially their bucket truck service provider.

For movement of high loads, the bucket truck company is the key and pivotal element of support which will ensure safe and timely delivery. In addition to advance route planning, it is the job of the bucket truck company to safely remove and replace all roadside and overhead obstacles which could compromise the project or which might be damaged if not moved. Consequently, choosing an experienced bucket truck company with a proven safe-work reputation, new and dependable equipment and highly trained and certified professionals is imperative to the success of the project.

For Kenco Bucket Trucks, the guiding principle in every project we support is to ensure that safety is first. Our proven safety record speaks to our commitment to safe operations at all times. Utilizing our comprehensive and proprietary library of training videos that has been cultivated and updated over many years, continuous in-house training of all field personnel sets Kenco apart from the competition. Our crews participate in on-site and off-site, hands-on bucket truck training. We are able to safely address any obstacle or situation encountered on any project. From handling aerial wire and communication cables, to removing and re-installing traffic signals, street lights, roadside signs or bridge signs, Kenco’s operators are fully trained on the bucket trucks and equipment crucial to completing their jobs safely and efficiently.

Kenco’s in-house training programs exceed the safety requirements of various industry associations and organizations, such as IMSA, TXTA, and the SC&RA. In addition, Kenco’s team members complete other training and receives certifications as follows:

  • OSHA Fall Protection Certification
    An overview of fall protection methods is provided, including the principles of fall protection components and limits of fall arrest systems and OSHA standards and polices. Participants interact with fall protection equipment in this workshop to learn how to inspect and use the equipment properly, in addition to assessing and ensuring full compliance in every situation.


  • TxDOT TRF450 Certification
    This course introduces information about the complete electrical system supplying a roadway illumination project that is installed by a contractor. Participants examine the TxDOT construction standards and the National Electrical Code (NEC) to improve the quality of the installation and/or inspection of the electrical installations that supply roadway illumination.


  • TxDOT TRF453 Certification
    This course examines TxDOT construction project plans, TxDOT’s construction standards and specifications, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and approved procedures for traffic signals and electrical installation of those signals. Introducing information about the complete electrical system supplying a traffic controller cabinet and traffic signal poles, the certification develops knowledge of those installing, supervising or inspecting electrical installations.


  • Basic Mechanical Aptitude Testing
    Measuring an individual’s ability to understand and apply mechanical concepts, plus basic and advanced problem-solving skills, this aptitude test evaluates skills necessary to complete any given project efficiently and effectively.


  • Hand-Tool Knowledge Course
    This comprehensive course demonstrates the proper use of hand tools, and details specific situations which require the use of each tool. Other information reviewed includes the proper inspection and maintenance of hand tools.


  • IMSA Work Zone Safety Certification
    Approved methods of temporary traffic control in work zones are reviewed, in addition to applicable standards of traffic control in various settings including urban, rural and freeway. Traffic control devices, hand signaling devices, and traffic control terminology are discussed in order to mitigate traffic control problems and achieve a safe work zone.


  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I Certification
    Participants will become familiar with concepts and terminology associated with signalized traffic control devices and systems. Principals of operation and the primary electrical details of cabinet wiring and components are introduced, and equipment, methods and materials of signal system construction are discussed. Additionally, the basics of traffic signal design and maintenance are explained.


  • IMSA Traffic Signal Technician II Certification
    After taking this course, IMSA certifies that the holder has thorough background knowledge of traffic signal technology. The certification also denotes that the technician has had additional training on signal control cabinet equipment, including programming, application and maintenance of controllers, conflict monitors, vehicle and pedestrian detection systems, and the communication and power wiring of the cabinet. Circuit operation, fault diagnosis and the use of test equipment for diagnoses is also reviewed.


  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training Course
    OSHA requires additional training for on-the-job hazards. Course work includes a variety of modules regarding the identification and prevention of hazards of cranes and rigging, electrical safety, fall protection and ladders.


  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training Course
    OSHA’s comprehensive safety course is ideal for safety directors, foremen, project managers and field supervisors to establish a strong safety culture on the jobsite. Safety hazards, including personal protective equipment, electrical safety, cranes and rigging, and motor vehicles are identified and explained.


  • HASC Training
    The Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) offers hands-on, instructor-led safety training classes for industrial safety training, general safety, professional development and company- and site-specific orientations.


When you’re choosing a bucket truck company, Kenco Bucket Trucks offers a proven safety record unequalled in the industry. Call us at 281.459.3100 to discuss your upcoming oversize project, small or large, and let us show you how we can support your transport needs safely, effectively, on-time and on-budget.

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Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!

Kenco was great. We couldn’t have got it done without them!